Buy For Good


The Challenge

Direct impacts from hospitality operations may be one tenth of the supply chain, which consists of input providers (infrastructure, water and energy, equipment, food and beverages), travel, and service delivery (accommodation, catering and attractions).

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Thai Hot Pot海鲜火锅

Our Approach

Banyan Tree’s approach is more than risk management, it is an opportunity to make responsible choices that drive respect for human rights and the environment. We champion local procurement, sustainably sourced food (e.g. MSC certified), and actively seek and favour business relationships with those who share our values and commitment.

Our Goal

We have set triple horizon targets and will continue to assess third party support throughout this process.


Set targets of 100% Tier 1 suppliers completing a self-assessment and signing the Code of Conduct


Supplier conformity to external accreditations (e.g. ISO) and on-site evaluations enacted for high risk suppliers


Poor performance will be supported with remediation action

Our Progress

Following low engagement with the sustainable supply chain tool created with EarthCheck, a supplier code of conduct was drafted in 2018. This agreement will be integrated in the global foundation website in 2019, with a complete supplier list and map shared online for transparency.